“Vida en el campo de batalla / Life in the battle field”
Live Installation, Performance.
Duration: 2 hour.
5 man sowing 50 women in a farm field, Caracas
Venezuela 2007.

Photo by: Ivor Lugo

This installation was possible with the collaboration of the Venezuelan Goverment and took place for the “III Encuentro de Arte Corporal, 2007” I hired 50 women to be planted by men and to pose still in a field in the city of Caracas Venezuela, creating a contrast between the urban city and this surrealistic image of planted women. The women as alive and fertile element is represented in this installation as a metaphor of the women's reproduction, an image of hope to avoid their extinsion although it keeps on reproducing in a battle field or being used as a target of violence, on the development of women's traffic in the Latin-American countries. This installation express the duality between life and death, the representation of the worship to the life, the image of women’s hamper in a field where it exhibits her body to be reproduced, annihilated and exploited.