Single channel digital video
Duration: 1minute
Photos: Digital C-prints, 18”x24”

Simi Valley CA, 2008

Caution: “is defined as a precautionary statement describing a potential hazard or condition or a prohibition of action”.
What a yellow caution sign with a family running posted at the border between México and the USA means? Homeland Security? Trespassing? Illegal action?
I recreated the static picture of the sign into a moving picture by using a alien family running from one side of the screen to the other. I intend to transform the message of trespassing onto illegal territory into a legal action. The moving picture keeps looping, converting the static image into an incontrollable action that is no longer controlled by any law or higher legal power. This moving picture represents the actual situation along the USA borders. Families are moving and people are crossing over the boarder thru the same path transforming the land into a public space. This specific sign can be taken as a warning or as a message of awareness of the actual situation in the USA border.